Full Article Attached Innovations from Athena Design and Mozilla

Monday April 5th, 1999

Several readers brought to our attention an interesting project being developed using the Mozilla code. Athena Design, located in San Francisco but with developers throughout the US, has developed an intriguing proof-of-concept for "Dynamic DOM Rewriting". What is DDR? Click "Full Article" below to read an interview we conducted with Athena Design's CTO, David Pollak.

If you feel that DDR is important, contribute to the conversation in the layout newsgroup. Read the article to find out more.

#16 limp argument basher, sorry

by Kovu <>

Wednesday April 7th, 1999 7:36 PM

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Yes, Windows is a bloated nightmare, and so is IE, and so is Office 2000. I have the beta and it took me like half an hour to install just the basics. And the point is not that you can do something--eventually--with IE, but that you can do it ONLY with IE. Anyone lunatic enough to program for only IE will not be programming for NS users, and that is not good business. It won't happen.

Did you hear they're releasing not only Win98 SE but also another 9x version next year, a 32bit Win2000 and then a 64bit Win2000 a bit later, and THEN a couple years later a non-DOS consumer OS?! Jesus, there's going to be Windows OSs coming out of our EARS!

Then, Dell announced it is going to offer Linux desktops, and the next gen. Amigas OE is scheduled for beta by quarter3 1999 and for release by q4 1999. Please God let there be competition for MS in this, please oh please. They would not be such a bad company if they weren't so big. Do you think a company that really relied on Office would not be developing for Linux if they weren't worried about Windows supremacy?

Do you think Win98 would be more stable, and smaller, without IE clogging it up with over 27MB of "slimmed down" space? I do. Come on, maybe you don't care about your hard drive but I do. And as for IE5 being a shade faster, that is not going to matter in a world with higher speed connections. And you want to tell me IE can seriously run a hand-held at that size?

As for your whining about a third party adding to Mozilla, ISN'T THAT THE POINT? HELLO?! To involve talent outside the parent company? The thing about MSs talent is that it's homogenuous, everybody is in the same environment--like inbreeding, especially as closed as they are.

Proprietary gibberish killed Commodore and it will hurt MS if they're not smart--and MS has already said they are thinking of licensing their code to certain individuals. MS isn't stupid. Don't you be either.