Full Article Attached Innovations from Athena Design and Mozilla

Monday April 5th, 1999

Several readers brought to our attention an interesting project being developed using the Mozilla code. Athena Design, located in San Francisco but with developers throughout the US, has developed an intriguing proof-of-concept for "Dynamic DOM Rewriting". What is DDR? Click "Full Article" below to read an interview we conducted with Athena Design's CTO, David Pollak.

If you feel that DDR is important, contribute to the conversation in the layout newsgroup. Read the article to find out more.

#15 Re:Innovations from Athena Design and Mozilla

by Tekhir

Wednesday April 7th, 1999 5:29 PM

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Basher, I think you're missing the point. Microsoft proposed it as a standard and the W3C totally rejected it. Obviously, it had some major problems.

I haven't used DDR, but if it turns out that this exceptional well implemented and thoughtout, more so than databinding then it might become a standard. If not they too bad.

MS code does suck, here is why: IE and NS have basically the same functionality. Now compare their size. Now compare their size against Mozilla. There is a big different. IE is about 2x of NS and much larger compared to Mozilla.

Compare Windows CE to Windows 98. Win 98 is about 150 MBs for an average install. CE is like a few Mbs, granted it doesn't do a lot but comparing size Win CE is more effecient. Windows 9x is also written in mostly Ada, back from Windows 1.

Compare WordPerfect Suite 8 w/ SP5 to Office 97 and 2000. WordPerfect comes on one CD with quite a bit of space for other crap like fonts and bitmaps. I think Office 97 has 5 CDs and I heard from the 2000 will have 7, it better not need Gbs of space to install. What do all of those CDs have on it to constitue that much space.

I'll admit MS do make good products once in a while, I love Outlook 98. In fact if you read this group a lot of people here use IE and MS stuff. I code in Visual C++, I think its terrible but I have to for what I'm doing.