MozillaZine Status Update #228 (May 3, 2004)

Monday May 10th, 2004

The Status Update #228 (May 3, 2004) is now online. It includes news on Mozilla 1.7 Release Candidate 1, Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6, Camino, the default build configuration, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird extensions, the Mozilla newsgroups, the RDF module, newsgroup filters, Find in This Page…, FTP upload, the UIEvent interface, junk mail controls, phishing, XPI software installation, cookies and more.

#1 Alex? Couple of fix ups...

by mlefevre

Monday May 10th, 2004 6:27 PM

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Under "default build" - the full stop is after the closing p tag, which moves into a separate para.

The phishing example is a bit wrong - <//>/" rel="nofollow"><http:<//>/> will go to, not, because of the / - there can be no slashes before the @.

In tree status the link is broken - mozilla 1.7 tinderbox is "Seamonkey-Branch" not "Mozilla1.7"