Interview with Mozilla Foundation Director of Engineering Chris Hofmann

Tuesday May 4th, 2004

PCTechTalk has an interview with Chris Hofmann, Director of Engineering at the Mozilla Foundation. Chris answers several questions about the Mozilla project and reveals some interesting examples of feedback that has been received from users. Thanks to Alex for the link.

#5 Re: Re: Telling by its absence or am I just parano

by brokenvoice

Wednesday May 5th, 2004 6:13 AM

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Oh, I understand that it isn't the main focus and is maintained by a team of driven volunteers. Couple those circumstances with the fact that it is a niche browser on a niche platform means that it's unlikely that it will be promoted as heavily or as thouroughly as Firefox.

It just felt to me like (and I know I'm probably projecting this feeling onto the interview) like Chris was deliberately _not_ naming Camino explicitly. And may I say (just in case I get flamed) that I don't think Chris was dissing Camino or anything else like that, but what he was doing did come across as deliberate.

Anyone else get this feeling?