Interview with Mozilla Foundation Director of Engineering Chris Hofmann

Tuesday May 4th, 2004

PCTechTalk has an interview with Chris Hofmann, Director of Engineering at the Mozilla Foundation. Chris answers several questions about the Mozilla project and reveals some interesting examples of feedback that has been received from users. Thanks to Alex for the link.

#27 Do Research First!

by slugs

Thursday May 6th, 2004 8:57 AM

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I am a tech writer, and I feel technobeast has made the same kind of mistake I am guilty of, sometimes -- of making assertions based on outdated facts. He or she claimed that Mozilla interfacing is slow and memory exhaustive. First, what is interfacing? Is it the rendering of web pages? Second, I have been looking at my memory resource meter with every release of Mozilla browser, and I'd say the Mozilla engineers have done a marvellous job of cutting down memory leakage (except when opening PDFs within the browser). Otherwise, it's good that there's one more Mozilla article!