Interview with Mozilla Foundation Director of Engineering Chris Hofmann

Tuesday May 4th, 2004

PCTechTalk has an interview with Chris Hofmann, Director of Engineering at the Mozilla Foundation. Chris answers several questions about the Mozilla project and reveals some interesting examples of feedback that has been received from users. Thanks to Alex for the link.

#2 Telling by its absence or am I just paranoid?

by brokenvoice

Wednesday May 5th, 2004 4:22 AM

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One thing that struck me about the interview is that the interviewer mentioned Camino by name several times in different questions, yet Chris NEVER mentions it in his answers but does mention Firefox (even when not prompted).

More and more I see Camino as a sort of unpopular stepchild of - the kind that only gets invited to parties to make up the numbers you know?

I don't really have an axe to grind here (I'm moving from Mac OS X to GNOME 2.6 and prefer Firefox) but this is definitely part of a trend.