mozptch Utility Helps System Administrators Configure and Maintain Mozilla Installations

Tuesday May 4th, 2004

Detlef Oertel wrote in to tell us about mozptch, an automatic configuration utility for Mozilla. Designed for maintaining large numbers of Mozilla installations, mozptch allows system administrators to specify details such as where profiles are stored, set arbitary preferences and configure helper applications. It currently only runs in Windows but a Linux version is planned.

#6 Making changes manually

by PC1

Tuesday May 11th, 2004 12:03 PM

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I have made changes to Mozilla 1.6 and Firefox 0.8 on the Win installer directly. It is not dificult but it takes time...

I had a custom startup page and cookperm.txt and bookmarks files installed by default in addition to other features. One thing still bugs me that although the default setting is to keep cookies for current session only, Mozilla does not obay that. The cookies are not cleared on exit, and the setting is there when one opens the preferences. The only way was to make the cookies.txt file as read only; the problem is that the installer keeps changing it back on installation. Finding the personal directory of "AppData" in WinNT or 2000 is not a one click procedure and has to be done with every different user. This is not feasable in a work place/multiuser computers.

Meanwhile, I will try this utility.