Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 Released

Monday May 3rd, 2004

Scott MacGregor writes: "Thunderbird 0.6 has taken flight! Some of the more promiment features include a new Windows installer, Pinstripe theme for Mac OS X, new artwork, improved junk mail controls, new mail notification in the system dock for Mac OS X, server-wide news filters and a slew of other new features."

Builds can be grabbed from the Thunderbird Download Page on, or from the release notes, which also include more on what's new in this latest release of Thunderbird.

#68 Re: Re: Re: Re: No, it's not rude

by pointwood

Wednesday May 5th, 2004 12:37 AM

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And what kind of value have you added to this discussion other than making it into a Slashdot-like flamewar?

I see no harm in that post - it is just his own personal opinion on what would make Thunderbird perfect - where exactly do he demand them to be fixed? That's right, he doesn't. If I were a Thunderbird developer trying to make the best mail application available, I would be happy to get a nice list of what other people consider important.