Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 Released

Monday May 3rd, 2004

Scott MacGregor writes: "Thunderbird 0.6 has taken flight! Some of the more promiment features include a new Windows installer, Pinstripe theme for Mac OS X, new artwork, improved junk mail controls, new mail notification in the system dock for Mac OS X, server-wide news filters and a slew of other new features."

Builds can be grabbed from the Thunderbird Download Page on, or from the release notes, which also include more on what's new in this latest release of Thunderbird.

#66 Re: Re: Re: No, it's not rude

by jgraham

Tuesday May 4th, 2004 3:13 PM

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So, if I post a list of 20 odd bugs in some product and claim that these bugs must be fixed with priority (dressed up in 'in order to be better than a popular competitor these bugs must be fixed') /even/ if I present no evidence that the bugs in question are actually important to anyone except me and /even/ if I don't offer any help in fixing them and /even/ if a significant fraction of the bugs have been fixed for months already, that's considered helpful?

I'm not sure I agree.

If anyone actually working on the product has requested wishlists then, by all means, produce them. But I'm having a hard time believing that /anyone/ has managed to miss the fact that some people want all their email in a single folder. Since I'm subscribed to the bug asking for a different default behavior for the 'get all messages' button, I'm pretty sure people contributing code are aware of that issue too.

I will concede that spamming Mozillazine with RFE lists is less irrittaing than doing the same in bugzilla.