Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 RC2 Now Available

Saturday May 1st, 2004

Scott MacGregor writes: "Our hopefully final set of Thunderbird 0.6 candidate builds are available for testing on all platforms. We could use help testing these bits to help find any last minute issues as we come down the final stretch for this release. For more information about where to get the builds and to report issues with the build, see my post in the forums."

Thunderbird 0.6 includes a new Windows installer, new artwork, upgraded junk mail controls, and a slew of other new features. Read more about it in the draft release notes.

#13 Re: Information needed

by jedbro

Sunday May 2nd, 2004 8:25 AM

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>>t looks promising so far but I found some small bugs:

You should post that list in the Thunderbird->Builds Forum.

>>I am very sure that most user of Mozilla Thunderbird already use Mozilla Firefox as their browser, or even the Mozilla suite, so what do I win?

If you're using Firefox, you "win" an excelent e-mail client. If you on the suite, you win some great new features, and better UI, and a generally more polished application. Although if you're on the suite, you might as well as stay with the integrated mail/news.

>It seems you end up having more/longer downloads and use more diskspace while I cannot do everything I can do with the Mozilla suite. Great.

True, but I have the option of WHAT e-mail program I want, what HTML editor I want etc. Plus I'm getting better products (IMO). Also, if the browser or mail client crashes, It doesn't take everything down. Also, I don't ALWAYS have thunderbird open, meaning I'm usually only using 7216KRAM and ocasionally 8664KRAM when I need to check my mail, or write a message.