Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 RC2 Now Available

Saturday May 1st, 2004

Scott MacGregor writes: "Our hopefully final set of Thunderbird 0.6 candidate builds are available for testing on all platforms. We could use help testing these bits to help find any last minute issues as we come down the final stretch for this release. For more information about where to get the builds and to report issues with the build, see my post in the forums."

Thunderbird 0.6 includes a new Windows installer, new artwork, upgraded junk mail controls, and a slew of other new features. Read more about it in the draft release notes.

#12 Information needed

by bugs4hj <>

Sunday May 2nd, 2004 8:03 AM

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I like to see some additional information like download statistics. How many people downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5? What browsers was used for this download? What can be done in Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 but not in the Mozilla suite or vise versa? Why not use the new images for the suite as well?

It looks promising so far but I found some small bugs:

1) The buttons "Install New Extension", "Install New Theme" and "Manage Stored Passwords" should have dots or none of the other buttons should have dot's. 2) Buttons on Certificate Manager need to be disabled/enabled when needed 3) Certificate Manager should have Close button instead of OK button 4) The above button should have an accesskey 5) the edit certificate window looks horrible 6) Tabpanel on Certificate Viewer need padding/margin 7) Buttons on Certificate Viewer are on wrong position 8) The Category buttons in Options window should match the width of Mozilla Firefox

This was just after seeying it for the very first time and only after five minutes. Looks nice for a 0.6 version but it is based on Mozilla so that's not very surprising. One thing I really hate, the 7.9 MB download, for something I already have when I install the mozilla suite.

I am very sure that most user of Mozilla Thunderbird already use Mozilla Firefox as their browser, or even the Mozilla suite, so what do I win?

Mozilla Thunderbird is 19.7MB and Mozilla Firefox is 17.5MB installed while the Mozilla suite is 'only' 21.3MB. I should add NVU because that makes it even worse with its 19MB That's almost 35MB more!

Mozilla Firefox uses 7216KRAM, Mozilla Thunderbird 18664KRAM and NVU 9368KRAM while the Suite uses 'only' 28236K RAM. That's a small 7MB less RAM!

It seems you end up having more/longer downloads and use more diskspace while I cannot do everything I can do with the Mozilla suite. Great.