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Sunday April 4th, 1999

MozillaZine readers Ho-Sheng Hsiao and Oliver White (aka cyanide) have written essays regarding recent events in the Mozilla community. The first, on the benefits of downloadable chrome, can be read here (or, click Full Article below). The second, musings on Mozilla and Open Source, can be found here. You can also get to the second essay by clicking the "Next" link at the end of the first essay.

The opinions stated in these essays do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MozillaZine.

If you have written an essay regarding Mozilla's first anniversary, feel free to submit it to MozillaZine. We can't promise we'll print all submissions, but we'll try.

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by arielb

Monday April 5th, 1999 8:17 AM

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But if mozilla were to be GPL'ed it would turn off all the other developers. NPL takes the best of both worlds and we are seeing Windows, Mac and Unix developers working on it. The GPL only attracts linux users (what about the bsd, irix, solaris, hp-ux, sco, tru64 and all the other unices let alone windows, mac, BeOS, os/2, amiga and who knows what else)