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Sunday April 4th, 1999

MozillaZine readers Ho-Sheng Hsiao and Oliver White (aka cyanide) have written essays regarding recent events in the Mozilla community. The first, on the benefits of downloadable chrome, can be read here (or, click Full Article below). The second, musings on Mozilla and Open Source, can be found here. You can also get to the second essay by clicking the "Next" link at the end of the first essay.

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#5 GPL

by Garm <>

Monday April 5th, 1999 6:30 AM

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I highly doubt that making Mozilla GPL-compliant at this time would change anything, nor would it have if it were released GPL-compliant to begin with.

In order to attract developers you need to give them a reason to come aboard--as JWZ said in his sign-off message.

Methinks the GPL-happy fanatics of Slashdot need a dose of me the NPL is just fine. I'm sure it's fine to many others out there as well. The GPL is NOT the magic cure-all for everything, nor is it the open source beacon certain types pretend it is. The QPL hasn't scared developers away from KDE (again, contrary to Slashdot opinions), and I'm sure that if Mozilla 1.0 were out today, millions would be using it happily the NPL notwithstanding.

There's another point to consider: there are already a lot of developers in the open source world that are already quite busy working on other KDE or Gnome. Not everyone out there is inclined to be a developer, and those that are are more likely to be involved in other things at the moment.