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Sunday April 4th, 1999

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#17 Re:MozillaZine Readers Sound Off

by paul <>

Monday April 5th, 1999 8:38 PM

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After spending some time browsing Mozilla's code, trying to do some hacking on different levels I'm not happy with the results.

It's not quite correct to call the Mozilla project "Open Source".

The level of _internal_ BS is much higher comparing with any other Open Source project.

If you want people to help you:

Publish the dataflow. Yes, Mozilla's dataflow is not perfect yet, Cut & Paste code resides in ... hmm... critical places of the system.

But it'l be honest and helpful to publish it. It'l be *much* more efficient than asking people to spend their free time hacking yet another heap of undocumented code full of hacks and temporary solultions.

"'Hacking Mozilla' tutorial" is not the tutorial. It's XPCOM propaganda. BTW - some places are handy, even Doczilla failes on it's own samples. It's not 'pre-Alpha' stage. Stop BS.

What to do to get more help from people who are not

1. ASAP.

Finish good and scalable design ... not finished yet... You are a bit late with XPCOM... scalability was the priority - not the option ...

2. Some day ( say when )

Publish API's, marking hacks and temporary solutions with some special color.

3. Always. Keep key-developers...

4. Don't know when.

Assign one person who will answer to the particular design requests from the outher space and publish the e-mail of that person. It should be his *responcibility* to answer ( and publish answers widely ) questions like ( simplified ):

"In the existing design parser is registered as a stream listener. what is the best way to register some custom filter for pre-processing the input stream before invoking parser on it?"


There still is some chance that Mozilla would not die, but Netscape should make some real and serious steps in helping developers from the 'outher space'.



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