Reporting and Nominating Bugs for Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Thursday April 29th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "We're beginning the drive to Firefox 1.0 and we need to make sure that every bug people think is important is filed in Bugzilla and has a blocking0.9? or blocking1.0? request flag set. This will allow the FDT (heh) to develop an action plan for the milestones between now and 1.0, prioritize bugs and so on. It's essential that people start doing this now, rather than later, otherwise bugs might slip through the cracks!" Further details are available in Ben's posting to the Firefox forums.

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by ipottinger

Saturday May 1st, 2004 12:54 PM

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>>I'm no one to tell them what to do, and have never sain anything tha resembles that. What are you smoking? :)

Please don't take offense. This is an open forum. Hardly anything I said was directed at you. Your post just happened to be at a point in the discussion that needed addressing.