Reporting and Nominating Bugs for Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Thursday April 29th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "We're beginning the drive to Firefox 1.0 and we need to make sure that every bug people think is important is filed in Bugzilla and has a blocking0.9? or blocking1.0? request flag set. This will allow the FDT (heh) to develop an action plan for the milestones between now and 1.0, prioritize bugs and so on. It's essential that people start doing this now, rather than later, otherwise bugs might slip through the cracks!" Further details are available in Ben's posting to the Firefox forums.

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by jedbro

Friday April 30th, 2004 1:48 PM

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>>Why would I download several components like the Browser, E-mail, Composer etc. over one single application?

Because maybe I don't use Composer, Chatzilla, etc. I want to choose what browser I want and what E-mail client I use. In the words of BorisZ (<…readm=40886829.4080900%40>

""The suite design actually hurts such integration. Observe the patent inability of the suite to launch the GNOME or KDE default mail client to handle email. So argue for the suite if you will, but NOT on the basis that the suite makes it easier to integrate with other software. It makes it harder."""

>>Sure, there are a lot of people switching to Mozilla Firefox, but most of them switched from the Mozilla suite. It will take a lot more of time and energy, not to mention >>money, to change this.

You think? I would think (and am pretty sure) that most Firefox/Thunderbird users are NOT coming from the suite, but instead from IE or other alternatives. (most of which possibly did try out the suite, but found it wanting).