Reporting and Nominating Bugs for Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Thursday April 29th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "We're beginning the drive to Firefox 1.0 and we need to make sure that every bug people think is important is filed in Bugzilla and has a blocking0.9? or blocking1.0? request flag set. This will allow the FDT (heh) to develop an action plan for the milestones between now and 1.0, prioritize bugs and so on. It's essential that people start doing this now, rather than later, otherwise bugs might slip through the cracks!" Further details are available in Ben's posting to the Firefox forums.

#4 Re: bugz

by jgraham

Thursday April 29th, 2004 4:04 PM

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> bug 232770 hasn't been getting attention

Yay! Let's all bring our pet bugs to Mozillazine! There are clear instructions in the article about how to deal with bugs you regard as high priority for 1.0. FWIW, that bug seems to be WFM.

> There's the no "3D" borders issue

Are you saying that's good or bad?

> By default the throbber is in the menu bar and makes the menu few pixels too high

I agree this is an issue. Specifically it's bug 214218

> Suite has Cookie/Image/Popup/Form manager in Tools menu, Mozilla Firefox gives me no such joy.

Well done, you just identified the worst part of the Seamonkey UI and the part that has been improved most in Firefox. Is any of the actual functionality you need missing from Firefox? (and no, getting to cookie managers in 2 clicks rather than 3 doesn't count as functionality - if you're usng the manager that often you should set better default behavior).