Reporting and Nominating Bugs for Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Thursday April 29th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "We're beginning the drive to Firefox 1.0 and we need to make sure that every bug people think is important is filed in Bugzilla and has a blocking0.9? or blocking1.0? request flag set. This will allow the FDT (heh) to develop an action plan for the milestones between now and 1.0, prioritize bugs and so on. It's essential that people start doing this now, rather than later, otherwise bugs might slip through the cracks!" Further details are available in Ben's posting to the Firefox forums.

#22 Re: Re: Re: bugz

by jgraham

Friday April 30th, 2004 5:11 AM

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Sorry, I should be more clear:

The 3D menu thing is probably a bug (but maybe WONTFIX?). In the scheme of things there are worse UI bugs in FF though (e.g. the throbber though I'm sure there are others).

The cookie functionality all exists - providing a set of top level menu items to access that functionality is IMO a job for an extension since it's not functionality I would expect most people to use and providing it by default detracts from the usability of the app. I can't see an extension that does exactly what you want.