New Milestone Roadmap Online

Sunday April 4th, 1999

The Seamonkey Page at has been updated to reflect the current milestone schedule. First-draft plans of target functionality are now online for milestones 4 to 9, leading up to the first public beta test on or around July 20. Milestone 4 is tentatively scheduled for April 6 at 12:00 Midnight (PST).

#1 Re:New Milestone Roadmap Online

by Kovu

Sunday April 4th, 1999 11:57 AM

Okay so it's three and a half months. You guys said June 20th but the sced says July 20th. That's still not too long!

#2 Re:New Milestone Roadmap Online

by mozineAdmin

Sunday April 4th, 1999 1:40 PM

Sorry about that. July 20 is the tentative date for M9. I've fixed it in the news item.

#3 Re:New Milestone Roadmap Online

by intercessor

Monday April 5th, 1999 10:45 PM

So that should be in 15 mins. ?