Full Article Attached Brendan Eich Discusses Future Roadmap Plans

Tuesday April 27th, 2004

In a newsgroup posting, Brendan Eich has given some details about how he sees Mozilla development progressing over the next year or so. Brendan envisages the Mozilla Application Suite being retired to a branch within the next twelve months, with the standalone applications (Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird) continuing development on the trunk. After SeaMonkey has been retired, more far-reaching changes will be made to the Mozilla APIs, breaking compatibility with 1.x in places and eventually leading to Mozilla 2.0. The message, posted as part of a discussion about the staff meeting minutes of Monday 5th April, reflects Brendan's own opinions and not everything has been agreed with drivers.

#20 Re: Re: App Suite

by bugs4hj <>

Saturday May 1st, 2004 7:51 AM

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"Firefox and thunderbird with extensions will add even more functionality than the suite."

Yeah right, mozilla Firefox is kind of a Lego browser, you need a hell lot of extensions to get what you used to use!

"Have faith; it will be cool."

I already have the Mozilla suite. That's perfectly cool for me. So I don't have to wait. Also, most extensions work for both or can easily be changed/updated to work for the suite.

Also, why are patches going one route only? The mozilla suite should also benefit from cleanups and bug fixes but that's not the case!