Full Article Attached Brendan Eich Discusses Future Roadmap Plans

Tuesday April 27th, 2004

In a newsgroup posting, Brendan Eich has given some details about how he sees Mozilla development progressing over the next year or so. Brendan envisages the Mozilla Application Suite being retired to a branch within the next twelve months, with the standalone applications (Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird) continuing development on the trunk. After SeaMonkey has been retired, more far-reaching changes will be made to the Mozilla APIs, breaking compatibility with 1.x in places and eventually leading to Mozilla 2.0. The message, posted as part of a discussion about the staff meeting minutes of Monday 5th April, reflects Brendan's own opinions and not everything has been agreed with drivers.

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by brother

Saturday May 1st, 2004 7:13 AM

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> Running Firefox and Thunderbird takes a lot more RAM than only running the suite.

Currently I use the Suite and Firefox, I have at least the mailpart in the suite open when I'm at the computer. The taskmanager says that mozilla.exe uses like 20-30 mb ram, that's really ok by me. When I start to browse the web, using 5-6 tabs or so the mozilla.exe will eventually use 40-50 mb ram. I know of this and reduces use of other programs (I'm only on 128 mb). The problem is that Firefox alone uses 25 mb ram in idle and I haven't used TB since summer 2003 when I lived by my GFs parents. If TB will use another 25 mb ram it's not an option to switch away from the suite. I relaly love FF, and some extensions is FF-only so I'll continue to use it. The integration between, brwser, mail and calendar in the Suite is perfect, it's THE application, I want it that way. Force me to use TB and FF and I will do it but for now I'm more than happy with a suite doing all the stuff.