Full Article Attached Brendan Eich Discusses Future Roadmap Plans

Tuesday April 27th, 2004

In a newsgroup posting, Brendan Eich has given some details about how he sees Mozilla development progressing over the next year or so. Brendan envisages the Mozilla Application Suite being retired to a branch within the next twelve months, with the standalone applications (Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird) continuing development on the trunk. After SeaMonkey has been retired, more far-reaching changes will be made to the Mozilla APIs, breaking compatibility with 1.x in places and eventually leading to Mozilla 2.0. The message, posted as part of a discussion about the staff meeting minutes of Monday 5th April, reflects Brendan's own opinions and not everything has been agreed with drivers.

#1 App interoperability would be useful

by rkfoster

Wednesday April 28th, 2004 8:27 AM

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I'm not involved in the development efforts, and I don't know the details of why some developers prefer the suite over the standalone apps or vice versa, but I wanted to mention one aspect of this from a user viewpoint.

I use both Firefox and Thunderbird at work and Thunderbird at home on Mac OSX. Shortly after starting with Firebird(Firefox) I went to email a webpage to my home email account, something I sometimes do from work when I don't have the time. I suddenly realized that, since Firefox doesn't have an integrated email client, I couldn't do this. This is only to illustrate that a suite enables more of this type of thing to happen. I don't use the Mozilla suite for other reasons but if standalone apps are the goal then I hope development will take into account "interoperability" of the kind that is possible within the current Mozilla suite product.