Mozilla Foundation Holds Future Strategy Talks with GNOME Foundation

Monday April 26th, 2004

Slashdot is reporting that the Mozilla Foundation has held talks with the GNOME Foundation to discuss future collaboration. The minutes of the meeting, which took place via teleconference last Wednesday, reveal that the discussions covered the integration of Mozilla with GNOME, strategies to combat Microsoft Longhorn technologies (especially XAML), duplication of technology between the two projects and the default Linux browser. The meeting follows Brendan Eich's earlier comments about how the Mozilla project can move forward with GNOME. Exactly how closely the two projects will work together is still being debated. The Mozilla Foundation is keen to form an official alliance with GNOME, while founder of the Galeon and Epiphany GNOME browser projects Marco Pesenti Gritti is pushing for a full merger.

#3 this is really great news

by buff

Monday April 26th, 2004 2:38 PM

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After taking a look at the preview version of Longhorn for beta testers, it makes a lot of sense to me that possibly Gnome, Mozilla and KDE work together to come up with a similar model that reduces redundant code and establishes API's for inter-application communication. I personally like KDE over Gnome since I find its design and implementation of modules a littler cleaner the KDE UI out of the boxes just has a cooler feel to it that surpasses OS X and Windows XP, in my opinion.