Mozilla Foundation Holds Future Strategy Talks with GNOME Foundation

Monday April 26th, 2004

Slashdot is reporting that the Mozilla Foundation has held talks with the GNOME Foundation to discuss future collaboration. The minutes of the meeting, which took place via teleconference last Wednesday, reveal that the discussions covered the integration of Mozilla with GNOME, strategies to combat Microsoft Longhorn technologies (especially XAML), duplication of technology between the two projects and the default Linux browser. The meeting follows Brendan Eich's earlier comments about how the Mozilla project can move forward with GNOME. Exactly how closely the two projects will work together is still being debated. The Mozilla Foundation is keen to form an official alliance with GNOME, while founder of the Galeon and Epiphany GNOME browser projects Marco Pesenti Gritti is pushing for a full merger.

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by jgraham

Tuesday April 27th, 2004 11:34 AM

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The Qt port was killed because it had bitrotted, not because of any sort of distain for Qt/KDE (interesting question - how does the Qt license affect Mozilla? Anything that links to Qt must AFAICT be GPL-compatible or must have a special license fromTrolltech - the MPL has been designed to avoid such restrictions. Although I guess it's not a problem, I would be interested to know what would happen if a company released a closed source product atop a Qt port of Mozilla - that would be OK from a MPL point of view but would they be viiolating the QT license?). Qt integration will happen just as soon as someone cares enough to write the code to make it happen (like, I guess the OS/2 port would be dead by now if IBM weren't spending a lot of money ensuring it survives).

The QtGTK thing looks interesting but it will *only* work for the native dialogs (which aren't even implemented fore gnome yet). If you want proper integration, you'll need lots of XUL and nsITheme changes. Personally, I would consider this a very low priority in the grand scheme of things but thehn I'm not producing any code anyway, so I'm not so sure my opinion is relevent :)