A Look At Mozilla's Past and Future

Saturday April 3rd, 1999

David Polberger writes in with a link to a wonderful piece at by Frank Hecker of Netscape. David writes, "This article ('Mozilla at One: A Look Back and Ahead' by Frank Hecker) is really great. The author paints a positive picture of Mozilla's future but also points out what went wrong in 1998."

For those of you looking for an objective look at Mozilla's first year, this is a great place to start. If you've read jwz's "resignation" statements, you will want to take a look at this article to help remind you of all the accomplishments of the past year. It will also put into context many of the issues that jwz raised in his articles.

#1 Re:A Look At Mozilla's Past and Future

by Kovu

Sunday April 4th, 1999 6:59 PM

It's indeed a great article. I have poked around for awhile, and the article mentions that some that are not coders can still make suggestions regarding UI features and development lines. Where, exactly would I do this (other than here, this is a prelim page with just a couple suggestions/graphics etc.-- ? Bugzilla just doesn't seem like the forum for this type of input.

#2 Ideas on Mozilla interfaces

by Frank Hecker

Sunday April 4th, 1999 7:54 PM

If you have ideas on Mozilla user interfaces, I suspect the best place to bring them up would be in the newsgroup netscape.public.mozilla.ui.