Mozilla Staff Seeking Volunteer to Set Up and Manage News Server

Sunday April 25th, 2004

fantasai writes: "The Mozilla newsgroup reorganization has been in the plans for several years. Now that it's no longer dependent on AOL IC doing something, staff wants to make this happen. However, Mozilla's newsgroups are still hosted on Netscape's servers. While the Mozilla Foundation has the hardware for running its own news server, it has no spare resources to actually set it up, create the new groups, work out a transition plan and so on. If any experienced news admins out there want to help out, the job application is bug 215294. The reorganization plan would set up new groups for web developers and end-users, reorganize the Mozilla developers' groups, and pull them all out from under Netscape's name."

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by mlefevre

Monday April 26th, 2004 8:23 AM

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I think the plan is for all the new groups to be on a private server. In practice, there's really no way to create groups on other servers. The netscape.public.* hierarchy was set up a long time ago. These days there's really no way to "turn off" or rename those groups that are distributed on so many news servers, nor to create a new hierarchy that would get any kind of useful distribution.

The current draft plan that's floating around has clearly named user and developer groups, all in one place. Like that, it's much less likely that people will get into the wrong group accidentally.