Mozilla Firefox Extension Update Screenshots

Sunday April 25th, 2004

Percy Cabello wrote in to tell us that Ben Goodger has posted some screenshots of Mozilla Firefox's forthcoming Extension update feature. While some of this UI is in the latest Firefox nightly builds, none of it really works yet, so don't get too excited.

Update: Another Extension update screenshot is now available.

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by Racer

Sunday April 25th, 2004 1:30 PM

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I guess I'll answer my own question. From the 2004-04-05 staff meeting:

"- For the server side, Ben is writing a Java web service based on Tomcat, with MySQL back end" "- DNS name will be"

As long as the end-user has the ability to add to or change the default update URL (from to e.g., then this makes sense. A system needs to be in place to allow companies to implement their own internal update servers, which could mirror existing updates and/or add company-specific updates if necessary.