Latest UserFriendly Comic Strip Pokes Fun at Mozilla

Thursday April 22nd, 2004

Gabriel and Alex Vincent both wrote in to tell us that Mozilla is the subject of the latest UserFriendly comic strip. The cartoon was apparently produced as a result of an email Alex sent to UserFriendly creator JD "Illiad" Frazer.

Update: The Mozilla series continues with Friday's UserFriendly strip and Saturday's cartoon.

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by webgremlin <>

Friday April 23rd, 2004 3:32 AM

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This isn't terribly funny, but I think the joke process goes something like this: Random reader notes that Userfriendly hasn't made a crack on Mozilla yet. Frzer decides to make a strip poking at Mozilla. Frazer tries to think of something annoying about Mozilla that he can effectively make fun of. Frazer can't think of anything both annoying and funny about Mozilla (earlier commentator was right that the name changing thing might have worked), so decides to make a joke out of the fact that he can't think of a joke.

Various comedy-type-folks do the same thing. I can think of a song by political satirists Capitol Steps spoofing Billy Joel's "Logest Time." Instead it was "Boris Yeltsin is the hardest rhyme"--lamenting the fact that it's very hard to satirize Yeltsin in song because you can't rhyme with his name, and all the way through making ridiculous over-stretched attempts at rhyming anyway (e.g., "If we can't rhyme with Boris Yeltsin, / We'll have to pull our belts in / Do something else besides just finding rhymes.")