JWZ Resigns

Thursday April 1st, 1999

It is a bittersweet day for the Mozilla community, as while the first anniversary party for Mozilla is on going, is reporting, and Jamie Zawinski has confirmed, that he is leaving AOL/Netscape, as well as the Mozilla Organization.

This comes as a blow, as Jamie was one of the key leaders of, and brought about its formation in the first place. Jamie will be missed, and we wish him luck.

#54 Re:JWZ Resigns

by Chris Goodman <>

Saturday April 3rd, 1999 1:39 PM

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Well now two key figures in Mozilla have left in huff. But who really is in charge here?! Who helped start Netscape and Mozilla?! Don't look to Steve Case or other AOL wags to have much sympathy, when they have a 20,000 ft view to things. It would very helpful for morale and direction, if Marc Andreessen or someone closer like MozAdmin stood up to plate in Mozilla and gave some definite goals, and sense of direction. Having tried M3, I think there is a good foundation for a product. Obviously, right now the immediate goal should be to ship 5.0, and then go on from there. At Apple, whether or not you like his actions, Steve Jobs came in and made some hard decisions and got things moving forward. I respect Jamie's passion and his sense of not taking any shit. But if he leaves, then let the mourning of his passing be short and intense, and then take that passion to do something worthwhile. The recent melissa macro virus shows that a MS-centric world is filled with holes of vulnerability. The melissa virus is a non-issue for Communicator users. That's my two cents from the cheap seats.