Mozilla Firefox Convert Robin Bloor Switches to Mozilla Thunderbird

Wednesday April 21st, 2004

Robin Bloor was so overwhelmed by the response he received to his recent article about Mozilla Firefox that he has written a further column about the Mozilla project. As well as promising to try tabbed browsing, Bloor also announces that he has switched to Mozilla Thunderbird and gives a brief (but not always accurate) history of the open source project.

#11 Re: Re: Give Opera Mail a try

by RMo

Thursday April 22nd, 2004 2:09 PM

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I like HTML mail when it makes it easier to read. For example, I think my daily mailing from Slashdot would be much more readable if it used (proper) HTML to mark headings, etc. (Which reminds me to check now and make sure they don't actually have an HTML option, or I'll look stupid saying this!)

Yes, image-laden-for-no-reason HTML messages and those where it is used for no point other than apparent attempts at personal expression are questionable, but I think HTML does have acceptable uses in e-mail. And, yes, people should always use plain text unless they know HTML is OK.

But I can't quite agree that HTML mail is evil and that nobody should ever send or receive it.