New Mozilla Thunderbird Application Icons Unveiled

Tuesday April 20th, 2004

Colin Ramsay writes: "Jon Hicks has revealed the new Thunderbird icons for the first time. Living up to the high standard set by his Firefox icons, they will be available shortly in Windows builds. OS X will follow soon."

Update: Steven Garrity, head of the Mozilla Visual Identity Team has written a weblog post about the new Thunderbird icons.

#17 Great new icons - how about basic functionality

by stvb <>

Wednesday April 21st, 2004 2:22 AM

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It's great that a lot of thought and effort is going into the presentation aspects of Thunderbird. I would encourage developers to also review the basic functionality of email programs, for example reading mail. When receiving html pages if the background is a dark colour then you can't read the body of the email bug 31052 <>

As <> states ".......dark blue background makes the text I typed very hard to see. We need this fixed."

This bug is still status new

Apologies if this only occurs in moz but I suspect it affects Thunderbird as well.