Robin Bloor Switches to Mozilla Firefox, Considers Thunderbird

Monday April 19th, 2004

Brian Smithson writes: "Robin Bloor, of UK-based Bloor Research, has just written a positive article about Firefox and Thunderbird on Bloor's website. He writes: 'It took me a whole five minutes to decide to ditch Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox.'"

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by buff

Tuesday April 20th, 2004 9:04 AM

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I use Firefox on Linux because it is the best browser I have been able to find. Yesterday I was testing out an extension I was making on Windows and I was suprised to find out that the drag and drop features in Firefox are limited in compared to IE. I was using Yahoo mail and I went to drag an attached image to the desktop and what actually was copied to the desktop wasn't the image. I know it hasn't reached 1.0 yet but the average Windows user is going to expect things like this to work. It's great you have tabs and popup blocking and UI customization but I am getting the feeling the average Windows user is so used to what they have if there is any kind of inconsistency bobble in Firefox like the drag and drop they won't give it a second try.