Robin Bloor Switches to Mozilla Firefox, Considers Thunderbird

Monday April 19th, 2004

Brian Smithson writes: "Robin Bloor, of UK-based Bloor Research, has just written a positive article about Firefox and Thunderbird on Bloor's website. He writes: 'It took me a whole five minutes to decide to ditch Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox.'"

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by dave532

Tuesday April 20th, 2004 6:04 AM

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Yeah the open source aspect is nothing to do with firefox as far as the vast majority of users are concerned. The average user doesn't care what the licence is they're happy as long as they can use it.

I see some people still think Firefox is geeky compared to IE and there's no real reason people can say that. Firefox has to be the simplest browser out there while still having the most important features of the suite and with the changes Ben's working on for 0.9 it should have extension management that's second to none.

In short by 1.0 there'll only be a minority of cases wher IE can be considered the better browser. For the vast majority there'll be no reason not to switch.