Television Interview with German Translator of Mozilla Firefox

Sunday April 18th, 2004

Abdulkadir Topal writes: "On Monday (19.4.2004) at 23.15 the German TV channel SAT 1 will air an interview with me, the German translator of Mozilla Firefox. I talked about the history of Firefox, why it was invented and the way it's developed (open source). I explained the Foundation and mentioned big companies, like IBM and HP, that use and contribute to Mozilla. I also tried to show the advantages of Firefox over Internet Explorer, like the pop-up blocker, Find As You Type and extensions like mouse gestures. One big subject was security. I explained that Firefox developers won't accept any compromises regarding security, but that Firefox is still as easy to use as IE.

"SAT 1 is one of the biggest TV channels here in Germany and despite the fact that the program is aired that late, it usually has around 1-2 million viewers. So I hope we can get some new Firefox users but even more important: the audience will know about Firefox when they hear about it the next time (maybe when a friend recommends it) and people will realize that there are alternative and better solutions for using the web.

"BTW: Firefox is represented very well in German TV. It's shown in the computer show GIGA Help on NBC every workday at 9 pm and the anchorman praises its usefulness pretty often. On an other note, you can see Firefox in action when MTV promotes its website. It's quite clear to see that they use Firefox for that. Seems like the word has already started to spread, even though it's not final yet."

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by betz

Tuesday April 20th, 2004 2:21 AM

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Uhm, you don't get the point. Fewer security holes IS an advantage for an end user (->people who whatch this show). Open source is NOT directly an advantage for an end user, as I said, why should they care if both, IE and Firefox are free (or come with windows, I know IE is not "free").

"why should I install Firefox?" "because its open source, you can fix bugs by yourself!! and its cool!" "I see, but I am not a programmer, I can hardly manage to INSTALL a programm..." "yeah, but you COULD fix bugs by yourself..."