MozillaZine Status Update #227 (April 14, 2004)

Wednesday April 14th, 2004

The Status Update #227 (April 14, 2004) is now online. It includes news on the new stable branch, Quality Feedback Agent (Talkback) reports, junk mail controls, the spellchecker, bookmark keywords, Mozilla Thunderbird and more.

#5 TB: eml (message/rfc822) support means .mht too

by jmd

Thursday April 15th, 2004 6:49 AM

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The news for the support of loading external .eml is very important because that should mean that the mht format will also be a lot easier to handle (it's basically the same thing). Right now mht can be opened in mailer by physically inserting them in a mail folder (and modifying the first line), but it's a pain. The display in browser is easy, but is seriously broken as described in bug 174692.

I posted a comment on the bug to ask for a test to check if it does, if not, a derived bug to add what's still missing would be very useful.