Mozilla Guide for Windows Users

Tuesday April 13th, 2004

TweakHound has a guide to Mozilla for Windows users. The screenshot-heavy, text-light article covers the Mozilla Application Suite, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Thanks to bekrut for the link.

#5 I think this review was amateurish...

by Jugalator

Tuesday April 13th, 2004 11:17 PM

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Posted about this article in the tech forum too -- in short because:

- He's so aggressively pushing for Firefox that I take him less seriously for it. Why should I believe someone who says Thunderbird has 99.9999% of what "the planet" need from Outlook 2003? I don't want Thunderbird to be bloated, but still think it misses some useful features from Outlook.

- He makes a feature sound unique to Firefox ("Check that box under Multimedia!!!) even if it exists in the browser he compares to (IE).

- He don't bother with Thunderbird's spam filter since he don't think it will do anything good and don't want to bother teaching it. Strange opinion indeed when you're writing an article that's supposed to show off application features.

- "I don't like it and that's why this section is a little short." In case anyone still wondered whether the article was biased or not, he later makes it very obvious that it is. If I were using IE today, I'd take a *critical* article much more seriously when considering switching to Mozilla.

- "Also, I REALLY...REALLY hate those stupid little green "bookmark ribbons". He also contradicts himself by later saying he don't bother with themes. Strange for someone who "hate" minor visual features...