Mozilla Guide for Windows Users

Tuesday April 13th, 2004

TweakHound has a guide to Mozilla for Windows users. The screenshot-heavy, text-light article covers the Mozilla Application Suite, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Thanks to bekrut for the link.

#3 Very biased review of the Mozilla Suite

by pkb351 <>

Tuesday April 13th, 2004 7:47 PM

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I find the suite very fast, not slow as he states. Also he failed to review a major fratures of the suite. There is a good newsreader and he failed to mention one of the suites best features for me the Sidebar. It is hear that a user can keep all their bookmarks handy, easily switch to browsing history, and search with multiple search engines. It is okay to prefer Firefox/Thunderbird over the suite, but to bias the review by omiting major features of the program is not right. If you do not intend to offer a complete review of the software, don't review it at all. An incomplete review does more harm than good. People do not get to discover all the features contained in the application. Based on the review they may conclude the application is too linited for their use or they do not discover how useful it is to keep the bookmarks aavailable in the sidebar. The reviewer could have introduced a potential Mozilla user to the useful feature of searching multiple search engines in the sidebar. With such an incomplete review of the Suite I wish he had simply stated that he will not review it. The suite is a much more powerful piece of software than his review leads the read to assume. I wish he had not reviewed the suite rather than provide a severly truncated review.