Mozilla Guide for Windows Users

Tuesday April 13th, 2004

TweakHound has a guide to Mozilla for Windows users. The screenshot-heavy, text-light article covers the Mozilla Application Suite, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Thanks to bekrut for the link.

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by TweakHound

Wednesday April 14th, 2004 9:56 AM

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I thought I would post a response to some of your comments. These comments are not meant to be confrontational or defensive…

At no time did I say that the article was a "review". That would imply that some scientific methodology was used which is not the case. Biased? Of course it is. What would be the point of the article if I just regurgitated the features? That info can be found on the product page. The reason the article as a whole was short is because I’ve found that the majority of net surfers simply will not read long articles. I try to get as much info in as I feel is necessary to get my point across quickly. That is the very reason it is “screen shot heavy”. I felt that the screen shots could say more and say it quicker than I could. I do not use the junk mail filter because with the amount of testing I do I image/restore my computer almost weekly. This would require me to constantly retrain it. FWIW – Outlook did a much better job at filtering junk mail without training than did Mozilla. In retrospect that fact should have been included in the article and I have ammnded it as such. I do not use themes because they use resources I would rather have available somewhere else. I have themes disabled altogether in XP. Resources are the same reason I do not have anything save Zone Alarm in my quick launch bar. The reason I tag most of the pictures on my site is not to keep people from stealing the images ( I could care less) but to keep people from directly linking to those images and stealing my bandwidth (which I pay for out of my own pocket). Am I a Firefox fanboy? Guilty as charged. I’ll close this with this thought… If Mozilla 1.X is all that many of you think it is, why do so many people use Firebird and Thunderbird? Why have so many been so excited about them? Indeed, why do they exist at all? An offer for you… I will post a few responses or a rebuttal article within my article. Please keep it short and to the point, and attack the message not the messenger. :) I’ll leave this offer open for 1 week.