Mozilla Guide for Windows Users

Tuesday April 13th, 2004

TweakHound has a guide to Mozilla for Windows users. The screenshot-heavy, text-light article covers the Mozilla Application Suite, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Thanks to bekrut for the link.

#10 Re: Re: I think this review was amateurish...

by roseman

Wednesday April 14th, 2004 8:32 AM

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some junk mail filters can come pre-loaded with some other person's idea of what "spam" is. i would rather decide for myself what is and is niot junk mail. i ask for some advertising stuff, and avoid a lot of personal looking stuff. after justa week of training my filter MY way, it works far better than any commercial software that i have seen. :) all i had to do is reset the junk filter once, after i learned how to use it (to delete it's old bad habits it had picked up before i new how to flag junk).