Netscape/AOL Layoffs Occur: 850 Jobs Lost

Wednesday March 31st, 1999

Well, folks, the news is in. The layoffs have occurred; Netscape and AOL each lost 425 employees. Click here for an article at the San Jose Mercury News.

MozillaZine would like to say to all of those we know who were laid off that we'll miss them, and we wish them well in their futures. Thanks for all your selfless help and work.

#14 Re:Netscape/AOL Layoffs Occur: 850 Jobs Lost

by Laid off Nscp employee (eng)

Saturday April 3rd, 1999 9:56 AM

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There were cuts in engineering at several departments - that includes Netcenter, Server and Client division. Engineering cuts affected QA, core and other engineering disciplines. AOL downplays this because: 1) It is true that engineering cuts were less significant than others. 2) For AOL it is favorable news to say there were no layoffs in engineering.

But there were, oh yes. Off hand I know about 6 friends of mine who were hit, all of them engineers.