Launchy 2.3.0 Adds Support for FTP Clients and Download Applications

Tuesday April 13th, 2004

Henrik Gemal writes in with news that Launchy 2.3.0 has been released: "The two major things in this release is the support of FTP clients and download clients. This means that the list of supported applications is now up to 37. Among these are GetRight, Mass Downloader, BitTorrent, FlashGet, UltraFXP, WS_FTP Pro." Version 2.3.0 also adds support for Avant Browser and Crazy Browser.

"Launchy is an Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird extension (Windows only) that will enable you to open links and mailtos with external applications like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Outlook, BSPlayer, Windows Media Player and others. Launchy will auto detect all applications."

#1 Progress windows

by leet

Wednesday April 14th, 2004 6:33 AM

Has someone come up with a way to restore the individual progress windows? Please?

#2 Re: Progress windows

by gemal

Wednesday April 14th, 2004 8:33 AM

What "individual progress windows".

Does it has anything to do with Launchy?

#3 Why not OSS First

by PC1

Wednesday April 14th, 2004 3:29 PM

I noticed (noticed i.e. within my attention span!) that the bulk of the applications are non-free/non-OSS. I was surprised that there is no support for FileZilla, WGet, WackGet, and other free applications.

I personally avoid installing applications/extensions which do not primarily advocate/support OSS.

I am aware that many OSS stuff are there, but this is my feedback.

#4 Re: Why not OSS First

by gemal

Thursday April 15th, 2004 4:49 AM

Basiclly that's because I dont use those applications myself and therefore dont know about them. FileZilla is added in the next release of Launchy, which will be out soon. I'm looking into adding the other ones.

#5 Re: Why not OSS First

by gemal

Friday April 16th, 2004 12:04 AM

In version 2.4.0 of Launchy there will be support for both FileZilla and WackGet. wget can be added manually by the user. That's a new feature in version 2.4.0.

So stay tuned

#6 Re: Re: Why not OSS First

by PC1

Saturday April 17th, 2004 9:52 PM

Thanks :)

#7 Launchy and Firefox

by meanroy

Wednesday May 5th, 2004 3:15 PM

I installed Launchy because I wanted the option of editing a page in Nvu from Firefox. I noted that it appeared to be possible to add apps using launchy.xml.

I have run into some problems, however.

1. Launchy appears to have successfuly been installed, but Launchy found only two apps apparently.

On right click I get:

Open in IE //Huh? Where are Netscape and Firefox?? View source in notepad.

2. When writing launchy.xml it is not explicitly clear (to me) which type# to use.

(from type: The type of application. The following types are supported:

1. Browsers (fx Mozilla) 2. Mail clients (fx Mozilla Thunderbird) 3. Media clients (fx Windows Media Player) 4. FTP clients (fx WS_FTP) 5. Download Managers (fx FlashGet) 6. File Explorers (Windows Explorer)

If I go by the order they are listed above (on the same page) Browsers: Mail: Media FTP: Download: Editors:

I would assume type 6.

Thus my xml file should look like: <LaunchyApps> <LaunchyApp name="Nvu" type="6" exe_full="C:\Program Files\Nvu\nvu.exe" /> </LaunchyApps>

I see no effect after doing this.

In attempting to troubleshoot the problem I note that there is no user chrome directory in the default installation of Firefox. I do have userChrome-example.css in the .../Application Data\Phoenix\Profiles\default\xxxxxxxx.slt\chrome directory. (xxxxxxx is the directory name on my installation).

Can someone (anyone) clarify any of this?