Complete Text 'Rapid Application Development with Mozilla' Available for Free Download

Monday April 12th, 2004

Wily Yuen writes: "Nigel McFarlane's Rapid Application Development with Mozilla is now available as a PDF download from Bruce Perens' Open Source series at InformIT. Please support the author and buy the book if you find it to be useful."

Displaying a keen sense of irony, InformIT have ensured that their download page does not work in Mozilla. The book is available as a zip file containing a collection of PDFs or as a zip file containing a collection of RTF documents.

#10 Re: More books about XUL at XUL Alliance Bookshelf

by Waldo_2

Tuesday April 13th, 2004 9:17 AM

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Please note that in geraldb's context XUL really means any XML language used to produce user interfaces (NOT just XUL(TM) from Mozilla). He isn't referring specifically to the syntax/grammar of the XUL(TM) we all know and love that is defined by Mozilla/Mozilla Foundation/ (Some of what he mentions is indeed specifically related to XUL(TM), but some also isn't. For example, Flex and XUL(TM) are hardly related except that each uses XML for its basic syntax, while the grammars are very different.)