MozillaZine 2.0 Tomorrow in San Francisco!

Wednesday March 31st, 1999

For all of you on the West coast, this is just a reminder that Mozilla's first anniversary party is tomorrow. Click here for details and directions. If you take a camera, send us pictures and we'll post them here.

Sorry we can't make it. Maybe when we actually have some disposable income.

Hope y'all have fun!

#6 2.0 Tomorrow in San Francisco!

by Zach Copley <>

Monday April 5th, 1999 12:56 AM

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Well, I went. I gotta say that although it was still fun it wasn't anywhere near as good as last year's dot party. There wasn't as much energy. Nobody walking around in dinosaur costumes. Not as many people. A lot of people there didn't even know anything about Mozilla. No scrolling source code on the walls. I think it reflected JWZ's mood at the time. It was sad.