MozillaZine 2.0 Tomorrow in San Francisco!

Wednesday March 31st, 1999

For all of you on the West coast, this is just a reminder that Mozilla's first anniversary party is tomorrow. Click here for details and directions. If you take a camera, send us pictures and we'll post them here.

Sorry we can't make it. Maybe when we actually have some disposable income.

Hope y'all have fun!

#1 2.0 Tomorrow in San Francisco!

by Adhitya Chittur <>

Wednesday March 31st, 1999 9:03 PM

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Any of you with disposable income wanna courier me a plane ticket from LaGuardia NY to San Fransisco tomorrow early morning? I'd be happy to get to CA and see what goes on inside those pot heads...:-) me at <> if you can actually do this....