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Saturday September 12th, 1998

Marcus Loane of Belfast writes in with a good question for the Mozilla/Netscape folk:

"The new features such as 'What's related' and 'My Netscape' are rather nice but at the moment they seem to be very US oriented. Are there any plans for these to be better tailored to the geographic location of the user? For example if I am looking at a UK TV guide, the related links are for US television. The keywords feature also has to be altered to suit location. If I type in BBC I want to see and not some Boston company's web site. Netscape has always been very good at supporting different languages so I hope it will continue to take the world view and not the US view."

Anyone at Netscape willing to tell us how they plan on dealing with these issues?

#1 Re:Internationalization for

by George

Saturday September 12th, 1998 4:19 PM

Thats a good question...But i have another thought.

Who clicks on the My Netscape button, What's Related, and search button? I mean no one i know uses the Search button...Everyone goes to their fav. search engine site and uses that.

I think one of the more innovated ways Netscape is going to integrate the browse into the web is with its 'roaming access' (I sent this idea in, not should if I was the first one, but who knows).

The search button has been thare since 4.0 first came out and i never clicked on it..Although i have used the What's Related feature a few times..

#2 Re:Internationalization for

by Billy Wright

Sunday September 13th, 1998 12:30 AM

Addressing Marcus' concern, it would be helpful if an editable item were placed in the preferences menu for smart browsing, so that if you enable it you can be directed first to domains ending with a specified country-code suffix. These days the only users of the .us domain seem to be related to city government and school districts. If things had been done right the .us domain would would still be in use, such as or ...oh well

#3 Re:Internationalization for

by Jonathan West

Sunday September 13th, 1998 1:05 PM

I don't use the What's Related button, mostly because it does not ussually return very good sites.

I do, however, use the My Netscape button very often. I have all my main bookmarked sites stored under it, as well as my favorite search engines there to. So instead of roaming through the bookmarks, I just click My Netscape. Much quicker.

Finally, I don't use the search button (see above) but many people that are new to the internet do.

#4 Re:Internationalization for

by arielb

Monday September 14th, 1998 3:21 AM

That's a good point. The best thing would be to specify your own keywords-so for example, when I type in "browsers" I get because that's my favorite browser page. Or specify "bbc"=