NewsForge Reviews Nvu

Thursday April 8th, 2004

NewsForge have published a review of the first public release of Nvu, the Web development application based on Mozilla Composer. The review compares Nvu with Microsoft FrontPage, concluding that Nvu is better for basic editing tasks but that FrontPage has more advanced features.

#5 good and bad points

by smkatz

Thursday April 8th, 2004 3:49 PM

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I would never ever praise Microsoft for their integration. The fact that "FrontPage is equipped with a long list of graphic tools. Its membership in the Microsoft Office suite gives FrontPage the advantage of direct, fully compatible access to the output of PowerPoint, Draw, Word, and so forth. Nvu still has a long way to go in this area to catch up." is not a fair statement.

Whether I use GIMP or Macromedia Fireworks, I never expect good graphics tools in a HTML editing application. The Microsoft Photo Editor is good for printing images, and has some cool special effects, but is not a web graphics tool at all. It has no image optimization, button generators, or other tools that I expect in a graphics package.

This is one area where I do not think monopolization works. Seperate applications, with menu items for launch, like Dreamweaver has, and for that matter Word has (it can launch Photo Editor from within Word from its own editing tools) is much preferred. I remember yelling at it, "I prefer GIMP." "GIMP is good."

Maybe we need to take some of the vector drawing tools that are OSS and improve them to incorporate some of the more web-centric features, but we should not copy OLE.

"For quick, basic editing the general usability of Nvu is superior to FrontPage, in my biased opinion."

It is. Nvu does need to decide whether it aims for standards-compliance (and thus it is OK to manipulate the code), or whether it should not ever touch the code. I don't mind if it touches my code, as long as it doesn't screw it up. But is this really possible? a backup option would be great. Composer does have bugs that screw up code. Nvu's Glazman (-: admits that ASP code will be destroyed by NVU.

I like Frontpage's ability to insert forms, images, links etc. using the toolbar buttons in code mode. I was about to sugggest Dreamweaver's dual-panes so that the code appeared in a source pane as you were using the WYSIWIG view in another, but NVU might get in trouble for copying that.


P.S The main issue now is documentation and support. How does one use the template feature? A: I don't know.