NewsForge Reviews Nvu

Thursday April 8th, 2004

NewsForge have published a review of the first public release of Nvu, the Web development application based on Mozilla Composer. The review compares Nvu with Microsoft FrontPage, concluding that Nvu is better for basic editing tasks but that FrontPage has more advanced features.

#3 NVU 0.2

by donovangn

Thursday April 8th, 2004 1:15 PM

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The newer version (0.2) has already added my favorite functionality: templates. This is one thing Dreamweaver does really well. There's a few things that are currently holding me back from using this early version of NVU as my main HTML editor: it wraps the code it generates (making it very ugly and hard to read) and is a little buggy (I get weird numbered error msgs when seemingly nothing wrong is going on). Considering this is an early version of the program, it looks damn good so I'm excited to check out future releases; I've been waiting for a great cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor and NVU has an excellent start.