NewsForge Reviews Nvu

Thursday April 8th, 2004

NewsForge have published a review of the first public release of Nvu, the Web development application based on Mozilla Composer. The review compares Nvu with Microsoft FrontPage, concluding that Nvu is better for basic editing tasks but that FrontPage has more advanced features.

#13 if you have a bug..

by smkatz

Saturday April 10th, 2004 10:11 AM

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1. Post it on the forums. Let us see whether we can confirm it, and narrow it down. (Again, documentation would include in what circumstances NVU corrects code that cause people problems, but that is for future. I also think we can come up with a way to fix the code-changing problems.)

2. When confirmed, send it to feedback [at] nvu.comm. (sic)

What is a true NVU bug?

Linking to the Bugzilla bug for the original Composer bug would be great if it is a Composer-specific bug (in "editor"). A bug in the WYSIWIG pane would be "editor", a source pane bug would be a Composer bug, and a bug in the FTP file management pane in NVU would be an NVU bug. NVU bugs are not yet reportable in Bugzilla. If it is a Composer bug, glazou may already know about it. Again, ask on the forum and we will advise. If it is an NV bug, it should definitely go to the address in step 2.