Mozilla Firefox Tops German TV Software Chart

Wednesday April 7th, 2004

Ash`` writes: "The German TV show Giga presented by NBC Europe has Mozilla Firefox (0.8) listed as #1 on their Tool of the Day toplist. Firefox has held its lead for the four weeks it has been listed so far and today Mozilla Firebird (0.7) has been added to the list a second time to offer the users a chance to compare both versions (although it is more likely that the moderators just didn't notice it is one and the same product in two different versions).

"All users are allowed to participate in the poll by selecting their six favorites from the twenty listed tools. The website is in German language."

#1 I voted :-)

by peterlairo

Thursday April 8th, 2004 2:24 AM

I watch GIGA occasionally. They are pretty clueless / superficial and use IE for all their TV presentations; but they are the only computer show in Germany that is targeted at the "hip" crowd.

Mabe they will switch to using Firefox after they notice its high and longstanding ranking. :)

#7 I doubt it.

by Gunnar

Monday April 12th, 2004 3:28 PM

Or do you think they know how to install a program ;-)

#2 RE GIGA and German computer tv shows

by Ashmodai

Thursday April 8th, 2004 8:30 AM

Well, at least their "Help" section guy uses Firefox. Sadly they tend to be very clueless most of the time. I only watch their Games show anyway and that one only from time to time too.

For those who have no idea what NBC GIGA is: The tv show GIGA originally only aired between 3pm and 8pm on NBC Europe. Later on they added a show called GIGA Heartbeat (guess what that one was about), which was aired around 10pm for an hour or so. Then they dropped it and launched GIGA Games, which was then aired from 10pm to midnight. I think they have three seperate shows covering pretty much everything from 3pm to midnight now and re-air the main show after midnight. Except for the post-midnight programme it's all aired live.

GIGA (Green), the five hour show, consists of four or five seperate sections, which rotate in fifteen-minute takes or so. Pretty inconsistent to watch, but at least they talk about something interesting sometimes. On German cable TV GIGA is pretty much the only real computer show 'cept for the ones aired on regional channels, like C'T magazine.

At least there still is BBC World with the British tv show Click Online.

#3 Ja, gut!

by morg

Friday April 9th, 2004 1:08 PM


#4 Site does not work with IE

by krtschil

Sunday April 11th, 2004 2:04 AM

Ironically that site works only with IE. Using FireFox I get a "Forebidden" message. When I switch the Agent I can access the page...


#5 Re: Site does not work with IE

by tve

Sunday April 11th, 2004 10:11 AM works fine for me.

#6 Re: Re: Site does not work with IE

by krtschil

Monday April 12th, 2004 2:13 AM

Strange. Today it is o.k. for me also ...