Full Article Attached Mozilla Looking to Forge Alliances with GNOME and Other Open Source Projects to Combat Longhorn

Tuesday April 6th, 2004

jgraham writes: "Brendan Eich has written an interesting post to the netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey newsgroup outlining some of the plans being made to ensure that Mozilla technology remains useful and relevant in the future. Brendan sees Mozilla developing into an open cross-platform alternative to forthcoming Microsoft technologies such as XAML and is looking to collaborate with other open-source projects to make this happen." The GNOME project is mentioned explicitly. Brendan's message is part of a longer thread about the goals of

#81 Re: First thing first

by brendan <>

Thursday April 8th, 2004 3:06 PM

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Three points

- Apple picked KHTML *only* because it was smaller than Gecko by enough that Apple could hire people to learn to hack it in Safari's time to market. Period, full stop (yes, they were willing to fork it).

- Before hyatt went to apple, KHTML was way behind Gecko on web compatibility. Even now it lags, I'm told, but it's catching up. Still, nothing matches Gecko's reach: Active X, SVG, MathML, XPath, SOAP/WSDL, etc. KTHML even improved via Safari is still years behind that.

- We don't gain *anything* by rewriting for no feature gain or better integration. Gecko's footprint is actually *smaller* than KHTML's at runtime, counting dynamic memory as well as code. And Minimo (see <>) is pushing Gecko's minimal configuration, and default build size, smaller all the time.

You really have a strange idea of competitive if your only metric is "what did Apple choose".